How Does Aftercare Work?

Aftercare is a two-way process. This means that to ensure the best outcome you must follow the guidelines and advice that will have been given to you by your Plastic Surgeon and his support team.

Ensure that you attend all post-operative review appointments when asked to do so. Failure to follow the correct post-operative advice, or missing appointments can compromise your health and the outcome of the procedure.

At the very heart of your aftercare is your Surgeon. He or she will be directly responsible for your aftercare and he or she will want to see you from time to time to ensure that everything is healing well, and the results are as expected.

You will be offered a combination of video follow-ups and appointments at the clinic or hospital, as deemed appropriate for your recovery. The number of review appointments will depend on the procedure you have had and the progress of your recovery.

Free Revision surgery

Most cosmetic surgery procedures go ahead with no complications and without need for further intervention. Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out remedial l treatments in the outpatient clinic, or less often, a further surgical procedure may be required to correct a complication or to achieve the results originally anticipated.

Where this is required, we will provide further treatment or care subject to the approval of your surgeon.

You also have the peace of mind of knowing that this revision cover will remain in place for two years from the date of your operation.

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Our Patient Care Team

We have a dedicated team who are responsible for arranging your aftercare with your surgeon. They are also on hand to provide support every step of the way if you have any questions, or if you are unsure about anything. You have access to our patient care support team for as long as you need both before and after your surgery. As you start your surgery journey with us you will get to know the members of our team and you will have their contact details including phone number and email address for whenever you need them. Our switchboard is open 24 hours a day too and you can leave messages for our patient support team anytime.

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Your Patient Journey

If this is your first experience of reaching a cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medical procedure, we understand it can be a bit daunting. In this short guide we outline the steps from start to finish of your procedure, so you can see the pathway to a new you!

1. Step One

Everything starts with a simple phone call or website form enquiry. Our patient co-ordinators are on hand to give you all the information you need and then arrange a free consultation for you with one of the Plastic Surgeons. This stage enables you to find out the facts such as likely costs, what the surgery fees include, available dates for surgery, what aftercare is included etc.

2. Step Two

This is your consultation with the Plastic Surgeon. This is where you find out exactly what can be achieved for you. Here you will discuss implant types, sizes, your hopes and fears for the surgery. You also get to ask questions directly to the Plastic Surgeon and of course he will carry out an examination. At this stage you may also book your surgery or confirm a pre booked date. At this stage any pre operative checks will also be done, and any pre op tests needed will be arranged for you.

3. Step Three

This will be the day of your procedure. You will go to the hospital at the admission time and meet your Plastic Surgeon once again , together with his medical team. The Anaesthetist will come to see you before the procedure and discuss the anaesthetic with you. Then the nursing will take care of your right through the day to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience.

4. Step Four

This is the period of your aftercare. Your Plastic Surgeon will see you for follow up in the hospital and on video to ensure a smooth recovery. You will also have access to our patient care support team whenever you have any general questions. We want you to be totally supported after your surgery and pride ourselves in the aftercare and support we provide our patients.

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