Breast uplift surgery

As time goes by it is normal to notice some sagging of the breasts. Apart from the natural effects of aging, other factors such childbirth , breast feeding and changes in weight, can also have an impact on the appearance of the breasts. Breast uplift surgery aims to lieft the breasts to a more natural positon and make then look fuller and more youthful

Breast uplift surgery: the procedure

Breast uplift surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and takes between one and two hours to perform. You will be able to go home on the same day as the procedure in most cases.

During breast uplift surgery the surgeon will reposition the nipple/areola complex and remove excess skin. The combination of these approaches will result in firmer, shapelier breasts and a more acceptable position of the nipples. The incisions are closed with sutures and you will then be taken from the operating theatre to recovery. Sometimes this procedure is performed at the same time as breast implants. If this is the case then silicone breast implants will be used to enhance the volume.

The location of the scars will depend on the extent of lift required. In cases of moderate sagging of the breasts an incision around the areola complex may be all that is required. For more pronounced drooping of the breasts an additional vertical incision will be required.

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Breast uplift surgery: After the procedure

Following surgery you should arrange to take around one to two weeks off work. You will need to wear a supportive bra for six weeks after surgery. This will help in terms of comfort and it also helps the overall healing process. Avoid driving until you are able to lift your arms without discomfort at the wheel  ( this will take a few days )

You will be given a course of antibiotics to take and some pain relief medication. It is important to take the complete course of antibiotics.

Avoid gym , heavy lifting and sporting activities for six weeks. Similarly, sexual activity should only be resumed when you feel comfortable to do so. You must avoid pressure on the breasts in the first few weeks after surgery.

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Breast lift surgery: Risks and complications

Most patients who undergo breast uplift surgery do so without any complications. Of course, all surgical procedures carry risks and you should be aware of them. These include..

Infection, bleeding, breast asymmetry, would healing problems, changes in sensation,

If you smoke you are at greater risk of complications, If you do smoke try to stop smoking at least six weeks before the surgery and six weeks afterwards.

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Your Patient Journey

If this is your first experience of reaching a cosmetic surgery or aesthetic medical procedure, we understand it can be a bit daunting. In this short guide we outline the steps from start to finish of your procedure, so you can see the pathway to a new you!

1. Step One

Everything starts with a simple phone call or website form enquiry. Our patient co-ordinators are on hand to give you all the information you need and then arrange a free consultation for you with one of the Plastic Surgeons. This stage enables you to find out the facts such as likely costs, what the surgery fees include, available dates for surgery, what aftercare is included etc.

2. Step Two

This is your consultation with the Plastic Surgeon. This is where you find out exactly what can be achieved for you. Here you will discuss implant types, sizes, your hopes and fears for the surgery. You also get to ask questions directly to the Plastic Surgeon and of course he will carry out an examination. At this stage you may also book your surgery or confirm a pre booked date. At this stage any pre operative checks will also be done, and any pre op tests needed will be arranged for you.

3. Step Three

This will be the day of your procedure. You will go to the hospital at the admission time and meet your Plastic Surgeon once again , together with his medical team. The Anaesthetist will come to see you before the procedure and discuss the anaesthetic with you. Then the nursing will take care of your right through the day to ensure a pleasant and smooth experience.

4. Step Four

This is the period of your aftercare. Your Plastic Surgeon will see you for follow up in the hospital and on video to ensure a smooth recovery. You will also have access to our patient care support team whenever you have any general questions. We want you to be totally supported after your surgery and pride ourselves in the aftercare and support we provide our patients.

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    What kind of anaesthetic is used for breast uplift surgery

    Your surgery will be performed under general anaesthetic. This means you will be asleep for the entire procedure and feel no pain

    Can breast uplift be performed at the same time as breast enlargement surgery ?

    Yes in most cases it is possible to have breast implants placed at the same time as the breast uplift surgery. Your Plastic Surgeon will assess you for this combination operation and advise you if its possible to carry out both procedures together.

    How long does breast uplift surgery take ?

    Depending on the complexity of the surgery, breast uplift surgery takes between one and a half and two hours

    Will my breasts feel the same after a breast uplift ?

    After the swelling has settled down your breasts should feel perfectly normal. You will notice that they will feel firmer and look more youthful. There can be changes in sensation after the surgery and most of these are temporary. Your breasts may feel slightly more sensitive or less so than before. Permanent changes are seldom but possible after breast uplift surgery.

    How painful is breast uplift surgery ?

    Expect the breasts to feel sore and tender in the first few weeks. The sports bra will help in this regard but you can expect some discomfort at first. Of course you will be given pain relief medication and most patients are able to tolerate any discomfort with the help of these.

    When can I drive again after breast uplift surgery ?

    Plan to avoid driving for at least one week. At first, you may not be able to lift your arms above your head and turning the steering wheel may be very uncomfortable in the first week. Listen to your body and take to the wheel again when you can turn the wheel without discomfort. For most patients this is around one week.

    Will I get aftercare ?

    Of course. The Plastic Surgeon will see you periodically after the operation to monitor your progress. You will also have access to our patient care team for any general advice and help that you need.

    Can I finance breast uplift surgery ?

    Finance is available for breast uplift surgery. The finance is flexible with no deposit required and flexible payment terms. Contact us to see what finance may be possible in your case.

    How long does a breast uplift last ?

    Most experts agree that the results of the surgery will last ten to fifteen years. Many women are happy after one procedure and do not have it repeated. However, you cannot stop the aging process and the breasts will continue to age of course. There may be a time in the future when you would like to have another adjustment to maintain the youthful look of your breasts. If the procedure was combined with breast implants then you should expect these to need replacing at some time in the future.

    Will my bra size change?

    Yes most probably because od the excess tissue and new position of the breasts. We suggest waiting to buy new, perhaps , expensive bras,  until the swelling has settled and you can get an accurate sizing

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